What, In The Name of Tarnation, Are Those Pinkoes In The White House Doing Now?

image photo : Caricature of Barak ObamaThere must be a reason why Barack Obama and his minions, are unable to tell the simple truth! The truth would serve as well as a lie, but that’s not what is happening! There has never in my memory, been so much prevarication in the power circles of this nation, ever! The officials, advisors and friends of this administration have repeatedly attempted to set Americans against one another by race-baiting, class warfare, and hate toward anyone not in agreement with their world view! Axelrod leaks security secrets, jeopardizing the lives of Americans-no indictment. US Border Patrol and ICE agents are murdered by Holder’s guns, again-no indictment. There was a time not long ago, when the activities of this administration would have been considered outrageous, impeachable, and subject to criminal prosecution, but yet, no indictments. Why does this situation continue? I can only speculate, but evidence is mounting that this administration more than any other in US history; is being run by thugs, who will stop at nothing to destroy the national economy in order to implement their Socialist/Communist doctrines. These policies have historically proven to be abysmal failures, a minor detail in the minds of those who zealously promote regressive policies of state-ism.

Obama’s mentor, Saul Alinsky, has outlined in his treatises an exact strategy to destroy the nation’s economy and utilize the ensuing chaos and fear to bring about a ‘new era’ of tyranny and unreasonable power; wielded by those without conscience, decency, patriotism, or any other scrap of American tradition, recognizable by those who founded this nation. This is the map of our destruction. These are the enemies we face today. They are formidable, but their efforts to subvert this nation’s founding principles do not present an insurmountable challenge! The American spirit has always been one of overcoming enemies and prevailing, regardless of the evil intentions of those who seek to destroy liberties enjoyed by the citizens of the greatest nation history. We are not helpless, we are able to beat the evil-minded at their own game, because we still have the ability to vote out the scoundrels. These subversive social manipulators will if given the opportunity, destroy our ability to take back our nation. The relentless effort to remove guns from the hands of Americans, unless they are controlled by the government or criminals, if not checked, will put us at the mercy of despots. The ability of criminals to own guns is critical to those who would usurp power, without the fear of crime there would be no boogeymen to justify the confiscation of guns belonging to law-abiding Americans.

Who is Barack Hussein Obama? He is obviously not a Christian, in the sense that Christians love Israel and are patriots. By his own admission he must have slept through 20 years of the right Honorable Reverend Wright’s diatribes of racist, anti-Semite, anti-American, ranting. Obama has demonstrated his antipathy toward Israel by unilaterally announcing that Israel should return to its 1967 indefensible borders, the night before a state visit by Benjamin Netanyahu. This was an irresponsible act, and gave the deadly enemies of Israel ammunition to further their efforts to influence world opinion. There have been nothing but feeble sanctions that have had no effect on the unchecked Iranian race to achieve a nuclear weapon that will without doubt, be used to annihilate the nation of Israel. Does this stem from Obama’s childhood upbringing in the hateful doctrines of Islam? A good question in the light of his subversive policies toward the Jewish state.

There are very few days before the November election to get out the message, every patriotic American must, for the sake of this nation, get out and inform those who don’t know the peril facing our country. There has never in the history of this nation, been a more important election, not only for POTUS, but to replace every Liberal, whether they are Republicans or Democrats! If this is not accomplished, the tide will turn in a direction that will likely result in a huge Tsunami of power mongering by those who would destroy the liberties of the last free people in the world. It this occurs, it will be only stopped by distant generations of our people, if at all. Our sons, daughters and grandchildren will bear the yoke of unrestrained tyrants, who will ruthlessly crush any dissent and revoke any vestige of freedom and liberty.

Do what you can to inform your friends, family, and those who really don’t have time to become informed or have never been interested in the nation’s political matters. If we aren’t successful in  pushing  back the surge of Socialist and Communist ideologies, we will be letting down future generations of innocent children, who may never know the liberties we take for granted.


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