After We Dump Obama, Then What?

Biggest Spender in US History

Big Time Operater

Yes, we need to beat the tar out of Obama in November, but that isn’t the only job to be done. We need to elect those who believe in the Constitution, the vision of America‘s Founders, and those with the courage, to buck the greed of their constituencies. Politicians have a very hard time trying to convince those who have been receiving hand-outs, that they really can stand on their own two feet. Courage is a rare commodity, among the politically driven, who really want to be re-elected! We, as American Patriots need to encourage this trait in our elected officials. Because the really hard part, is to enact legislation that will put us on the right track fiscally, and not fall back into the habit of spending our descendants’ money.

How do we do this? Carefully, with great thought, and planning. We must provide mentors for the young. I don’t mean those who believe, like the radical Alinsky followers, i.e., Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama, Rahm Emmanuel, George Soros, and their leftist buddies! We’ve seen what Keynsian Economics is about, and it has proven to be more than disappointing! If we haven’t learned our lesson, over the past four years, it is unlikely that we ever will. This is certainly a challenge, but it is not more than we can meet. Our history is replete with courageous leadership, that has steered us through the mine fields of Socialist, ‘Progressive’ philosophies. We can do it again! We must succeed, or our offspring will pay, more than they can ever afford! Trillions of dollars have been pounded into the Black Hole of entitlements, that have done nothing more than generate more need! Why would we continue to do this? It doesn’t work! The definition of insanity, is repeating over and over, the things that do not work! Are we crazy? Hopefully, we will heal, and get over this ridiculous hurdle!

The system of apprenticeship, which has been fading from our society, has proven to be a fine way to develop those skilled workers, who want to work, and pay their own way. This is one valuable tool to achieve our goals of independence, and freedom from debt. We owe our children and grandchildren, every effort, to give them a chance at the American Dream, that we were provided by our forefathers. Will we be able to set aside our priorities of rewarding ourselves for doing little, or nothing, to give others a chance at economic liberty? We can, if, and only if, we are committed to doing  just that!

Obama’s administration has shown us what following the mainstream media’s misdirection can do to our nation. It has been destructive, beyond measure, and will take years to undo the enormous pile of regulatory foolishness, perpetrated by Cass Sundstein, and his busy agenda. One more term for Obama, and we can kiss the next generation goodbye, it will be all over but the shouting! We will be guilty of cowardice, self-serving, ignorance, and stupidity! I don’t want to be one of those who do this foolish thing to innocent children.

When we do show Barack Obama the door, we must slam it behind him! There is no sense in getting him out of office, only to install another fool without the common sense to have a realistic vision for America. Don’t let the ‘media’ be the ones who tell us what to do, don’t let leftists define wisdom, they have shown themselves to be amoral and undeniably ignorant! The US doesn’t have to be undermined by those who care only for their own narcissistic interests! Doing the right thing is a better choice, and one we can live with while looking ourselves in the mirror. Let’s throw off the yoke of economic tyranny, the specter of squalid poverty, and show that this nation is indeed the greatest country on the face of the earth! Our people have made it so. Let’s leave our offspring the opportunity to thrive and to make great strides in freeing the planet from economic slavery, giving all humans the freedom to thrive!

If you don’t want this, you are being deceived by the Leftist radical, racist agenda! The least you can do is become informed about the criminal thugs in the Obama Administration. People who are not informed should not vote, because they are hazardous to the American Way. Stay home, if you can’t come up off your seat and figure out where the American interests lie! This is not a suggestion, it is a necessity!


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