Why Would Anyone Ever Vote For Barack Obama Twice?

Big Ugly

Huckster In Chief

Many voters, who helped elect Obama in 2008, regret their mistake today. What is really puzzling is why some of those who voted for him, would vote for him again. Certainly union members, who have profited hugely from his methods of wielding power, rivaling their own reputation of behaving like thugs, would re-elect him. Public employees, whose salaries and benefits are paid for by taxpayer dollars, that are significantly better than average citizens enjoy, would be happy to vote for the President; who demonizes anyone asking them to bring their wages and benefits into alignment with those of most Americans. Also, Alinsky worshipers would love to see him finish the job of destroying the US economy! What about the average, middle-class, American worker? Is high unemployment, a 1.5% growth rate, slow job growth, and runaway regulation strangling enterprise, the formula that will give us a stable economy?

We have experienced our liberties being eroded, in stealthy ways, by means of executive fiat, when the Administration couldn’t get its agenda passed in Congress. Obama has appointed ‘Czars’, such as Van Jones, who admits he was once a Communist and a 911 ‘truther’, but says he has renounced such extreme views. Van Jones is currently radicalizing directionless young people, looking for a ‘rebel cause’, by convincing them the planet is in imminent danger of being destroyed by fossil fuels! Jones neglects to mention that so-called ‘Green’ energy is not feasible at this time. If we continue to pour the majority of our wealth into Green energy, almost exclusively, India’s recent colossal blackout will be a cake-walk, compared to blackouts of nations that buy into his half-baked theories! You may have noticed the big red flags, with a hammer and sickle that wave proudly at rallies featuring him as speaker. Another of Obama’s great picks, Elizabeth Warren, claimed that  Mao Tse Tung is one of her ‘favorite’ philosophers. It’s apparently of  no concern to MS Warren that Mao murdered hundreds of thousands of Chinese by means of starvation. This ‘heroic act’ was performed by implementing the same pie-in-the-sky theories our President intends to foist on the American people! Since her obviously bizarre speech, Obama had to let her go and MS Warren is now running for Congress in the Liberal bastion of Massachusetts. In my opinion, Warren, and people like Van Jones, are motivated, not by fervent ideology, but by a thirst for power! This includes the President, who it seems, would do anything to be re-elected.

One reason for voting for Barack Obama more than once, may be the bad habit of being informed by the mainstream media. If you read the NY Times, watch CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, and CBS; or find John Stewart, Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert funny and ‘informative’ political pundits; you would believe that Obama is the greatest thing since peanut butter and Romney and Ryan want to take away our peanuts! We can’t understand the thinking of those whose voting choices would wipe out America’s economy, so we’ll have to pray that they forget to vote. Reagan, and every other great Conservative citizen, who ever lived in America, must be wearing out the inside of their coffins, as they spin in them! If we haven’t read Milton Friedman‘s books, his recent death should remind us that he was a great American, who actually understood economic prosperity! His voice will be missed, in this time of economic turmoil. If Americans had a choice eight years ago, they simply do not have a choice in 2012! The re-election of Obama would usher in an era when an America with a thriving economic future and strong voice for liberty, is all but eliminated. Since Obama has stated that Americans have too much, it could be that he definitely considers his current strategy, a ‘success’.

Touting the successes of his Administration, is one of Obama’s main themes, during his campaigning and fundraising tours-on the taxpayers’ dime. We might call Barack, ‘Freddie the Freeloader’, he is so adept at dodging the check when it’s time to pay up. In his latest speeches, Obama has bragged that he is responsible for bringing the auto industry ‘roaring back’. Earth calling Obama-General Motors, the auto company you took over, fired its CEO and robbed its shareholders, calling them ‘greedy’; and which owes the American taxpayers billions of dollars; enjoys stock market shares down 40%, since you ‘rescued’ them! Perhaps you ought to read the Wall Street Journal once in awhile. You might realize that the job you are doing is devastating the economic future of the USA! You have been announcing to your carefully ‘selected’ audiences that you will do with all of US businesses the same great job you did with the auto industry, as they shout their approval. No thanks, we’re in a double-dip recession, and we can’t afford more of your ‘successes’! Do you think that what you’re planning is an excellent way to revive our economy? Or is it because Saul Alinsky‘s radical methods of creating ‘Utopia’ are attractive to you? Experiments with creating ‘Utopias’, have been pathetic, to say the least! I think America is going to be just fine, without you!

When elected, Obama announced that he would have the most ‘transparent’ administration in history, and that he was the president of all Americans, people really hoped he would deliver on those promises. He certainly did not! In fact, anyone referring to ‘Obamacare’, is labeled ‘racist’. It is not acceptable to criticize Obama, otherwise you will be called ‘racist’, ‘haters’, ‘greedy’, and any number of unflattering names. Obama issued an Executive Order, sealing his education records, and virtually all information about his past, that was not a matter of public record. Why do you suppose he would find it necessary to hide these records from the American people?  Obama has already been overheard on an open microphone telling our Russian ‘allies’ that he will have more ‘flexibility’ after the election. Flexibility to do what?! If Obama thinks that Putin, the real strongman in Russia, loves America, he is ‘dumber than a box of rocks’! The thought of Obama as a ‘Lame Duck’ President, is enough to make the hair of every informed patriot in America, stand on end!

Hopefully Americans will ‘wake up and smell the stink’! It worries me that the politics of this nation have become incredibly polarized. As a non-affiliated Conservative, I want to see this country get back on its economic feet and return to being the exceptional nation it has been in the past. I worry that those who support Obama, have allowed demagoguery to influence their point of view, to the extent that they are not able to see the person who is really Barak Hussein Obama. It would be sad if we leave our children, grandchildren and their children, to carry the unbearable load of debt, incurred at an exponential rate, by Obama. I believe that American citizens really do want our nation to prosper and maintain liberty. It is frightening to think that so many are looking through glasses that are permanently etched with the deceptive rhetoric that seems to emerge daily from the Obama re-election campaign. We will see in November, whether the diatribes of Obama’s campaign are successful; or if the Romney/Ryan campaign is able to counter the dis-information, class warfare, race baiting, and outright lies, being fed to voters by ‘Team Obama’.


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