I Can’t Do This Any Longer

I’ve spent the past two years, thinking I’m too busy to keep up my blog. I’ve been too numb to realize that, however minuscule my contribution to the war against the oppression of America, I must express the opinions developed for more than 50 years of my life. They have value. How many Americans have watched the travesty being foisted upon our people? Not many are still alive/aware that our nation is in peril! My thoughts may  contribute to Americans’ desire for liberty. I hope this is  true! Otherwise, I have no hope-period. I’m BACK and not ashamed! Follow the trail to liberty! 



It’s Working: America Is Better Off-Let’s Take The Next Step.

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Hey..It’s Working!

The latest slogan from our President, as he seeks a second term, ‘It’s working, America is better off, let’s take the next step’, is puzzling. What’s working? Not job seekers pursuing jobs that don’t exist. Many have given up their efforts, conveniently lowering the unemployment rate to reflect Obama’s touted success, ‘Putting America Back to Work’. Families without a breadwinner earning wages to sustain a decent lifestyle, are unlikely to be comforted by the President’s claim of victory over joblessness. They experience the strain of having their family member(s) work more than one job, often being paid insufficient wages to make the payments on their ‘underwater’ homes. They must also pay taxes, that are due to rise exponentially, with the advent of full implementation of ObamaCare. It’s necessary to pay utility bills and to buy gas to drive their cars, if they can afford the drive to work. If the family wants to eat, they may have to forego heating and cooling their homes. Rising food costs could make this prohibitive. Mom, Dad and the kids will have to bundle up in all their clothes in winter and take them off in summer. With one or more family members spending their waking hours working, time with the children is a thing of the past. The opportunity for America’s children to experience the ‘American Dream’ is shrinking, due to the increasing load being piled on them by Obama’s ever-expanding debt. The President’s latest come-on to young voters is to make grants and student loans accessible to more students, who are likely to find themselves unable to find employment after graduation.

Obama’s campaign is shocking in its tone, demonizing those who don’t support the President’s agenda. The stream of accusations against Romney and Ryan, based on innuendo, lies and distorted characterization of their policies and philosophy, divide the voting public. Obama hasn’t even attempted to disavow the frequent scurrilous attacks on his opposition. He even had the temerity to conduct an interview with the press, reflectively commenting that ‘no one would say that his team has conducted a negative campaign’. I searched photos of the interview, expecting to find one that revealed that a bolt of lightning from heaven, had ricocheted off his teeth! The smell of ozone must have lingered in the air surrounding the interview for an hour.

Vice President Biden has offered his ‘endearing’, comical and amazingly stupid, commentary to the campaign mix. Rush Limbaugh postulated on his radio program, that Biden is the Poster Child for the Moron Vote. Biden does fit the mold perfectly. It’s astonishing to observe the Democrat’s campaign sink to the lowest common denominator of rhetoric, while recently accusing Romney of ‘gutter politics’. The hypocrisy may be humorous in some respects, but to consider that a sitting President of the United States would engage, even peripherally, in such ugly tactics, is unseemly and exhibits contempt for the American tradition of civil political discourse.

Barak Obama proclaimed soon after being sworn in as President, that he would be the President of all Americans, regardless of race, sex, religion, blah, blah, blah. Every single American would have an advocate in the White House. Obama promised he would have the ‘most transparent’ administration in history-Americans would always know what their leader was thinking and planning. He also promised to cut the deficit in half in his first two years in office. Since those promises are exactly the opposite of what has transpired for nearly four years, it’s hard to know if he was lying to himself, the nation or both.

The Treasury continues to print money to sustain the Fed’s downward pressure on interest rates. It’s not profitable for banks to lend, and loans are harder to obtain. Programs are rapidly being churned out in congress, mostly unfunded mandates. Under the ‘leadership’ of Senate President, Harry Reid, laws limiting spending are not permitted to reach the Senate floor for a vote. Because of Reid’s manipulation, more than $15 trillion of spending in less than four years, is not only difficult to rein in, but impossible to even slow down. There hasn’t been a budget presented to Congress by Obama, or passed in the Senate, for three years. Budgets passing the House of Representatives are quashed in the Senate by Reid’s dictatorial tactics. This state of affairs has been described by Obama as ‘inaction’ on the part of Congress! Obama has been ‘passing the buck’ throughout his presidency, blaming Bush, Congress, so-called rich people, corporate greed, and his political opponents, for his ineffectual leadership. He has relentlessly sought, as he promised in 2008, to change the face of America forever. Obama is counting on a second term as a ‘lame duck’ President, to finish the job of decimating the US economy, our military’s readiness, the ability to defend liberty, and to come to the aid of people suffering from disasters.

It’s chilling to hear a world leader spew reams of divisive rhetoric, including race baiting, economic class warfare and even pitting the young against the elderly. More disturbing is the hateful, often violent, behavior that is spurred by Obama’s mean-spirited remarks. Republican candidates have been physically attacked at rallies. Vile threats of violence have come from groups such as the New Black Panthers, Occupy Wall Street radicals, the Communist Party, and other groups that were never heard of before now. A guard was shot at the Family Research Council headquarters, the shooter was quickly identified, by Obama’s lap-dog media, as a radical Tea Party member. This was later found to be untrue, but in some minds, the perception of radical right-wing killers remains. In the Empire State Building shooting, all of the victims and the shooter, were shot by NYPD. This brought renewed cries for limiting Americans’ gun ownership. Gun control is a drum frequently pounded by Liberals. The Second Amendment of the Constitution guarantees the right of individual citizens to bear arms. America’s Founders viewed this right as fundamental in preventing government abuse of power. It’s the ‘muscle’ of liberty. It has worked well for 200 + years, but now the Ultra Left-wingers that have predominated the Democrat party in recent years, have declared that the Founders’ intention was meant only for government militias and military to be armed. This is one of many assaults by the Left on the Constitution, which has been characterized as an ‘outdated’ document, that should be replaced by more ‘modern’ and ‘wiser’ treatises. This would be laughable, if it weren’t so threatening to Americans’ liberty.

In a very short span of time, America has become a nation of unprecedented political division. The only time in history comparing to the polarization we currently experience, led up to the Civil War. The chaos of that war endured for years after Lee’s surrender to Grant at Appomattox. There has been increasing speculation that we will again be thrown into a state of civil conflict. At one time, the prospect of another civil war would have been unthinkable, but it has recently been brought up by many who see this as a very real threat. As rumors of special militia being trained to handle civil unrest and the purchase of millions of rounds of high power ammunition by government agencies, many citizens, who are otherwise level-headed and skeptical of  ‘conspiracy theories’, are beginning to suspect that these rumors may be true.

Who is better off in the past four years? Those who are forced to walk away from their homes because of overwhelming debt? Is this the American way? I still remember when a handshake was as good as a signed contract, to assure payment of obligations. We are losing our identity as a nation. The course being followed by the President, and those who are now ensconced in political power, has historically failed everywhere it has been attempted. Why do Americans continue to rush like Lemmings to leap off a fiscal cliff? What is the next step for this nation? Will we be relegated to the status of a third or fourth-rate nation? Are we to take the ‘next step’ into a vacuum, where we cannot breathe the air of liberty?

Barak Obama seems to have one single goal, to be re-elected. If this happens, he’s sure to attempt permanent establishment of a Socialist state. Millions of voters have been newly enrolled in welfare programs since Obama was sworn in as POTUS. Every person dependant on a government program, is likely to vote for a candidate who promises to assure that they will not be affected by spending cuts. The remaining working people of the nation have been rudely awakened by the few sources of news, whose reporting is not distilled by Obama’s Propaganda Machine. The recently released movie, 2016, has galvanized those who have seen it, they are concerned and many are frightened, by the future of America if  Barack Obama wins another term. We face a choice in the upcoming election that may be the most critical in our nation’s history. Are we to have a future for our children and their children where they can dream big dreams, achieve goals that elevate our society and inspire our nation to become more exceptional?

If we don’t take our country back from those who envision a special ruling class, dictating the lives of our citizenry, we may never see our people escape the horrifying totalitarian future promoted by these elitists. They view themselves as intellectually and genetically superior to those who don’t share their vision. In my opinion, Barack Obama and those who are of his mind-set, are traitors who care only for their prestige and power. I would like to see them thrown out of power and many should be prosecuted for criminal and treasonous acts.

Why Would Anyone Ever Vote For Barack Obama Twice?

Big Ugly

Huckster In Chief

Many voters, who helped elect Obama in 2008, regret their mistake today. What is really puzzling is why some of those who voted for him, would vote for him again. Certainly union members, who have profited hugely from his methods of wielding power, rivaling their own reputation of behaving like thugs, would re-elect him. Public employees, whose salaries and benefits are paid for by taxpayer dollars, that are significantly better than average citizens enjoy, would be happy to vote for the President; who demonizes anyone asking them to bring their wages and benefits into alignment with those of most Americans. Also, Alinsky worshipers would love to see him finish the job of destroying the US economy! What about the average, middle-class, American worker? Is high unemployment, a 1.5% growth rate, slow job growth, and runaway regulation strangling enterprise, the formula that will give us a stable economy?

We have experienced our liberties being eroded, in stealthy ways, by means of executive fiat, when the Administration couldn’t get its agenda passed in Congress. Obama has appointed ‘Czars’, such as Van Jones, who admits he was once a Communist and a 911 ‘truther’, but says he has renounced such extreme views. Van Jones is currently radicalizing directionless young people, looking for a ‘rebel cause’, by convincing them the planet is in imminent danger of being destroyed by fossil fuels! Jones neglects to mention that so-called ‘Green’ energy is not feasible at this time. If we continue to pour the majority of our wealth into Green energy, almost exclusively, India’s recent colossal blackout will be a cake-walk, compared to blackouts of nations that buy into his half-baked theories! You may have noticed the big red flags, with a hammer and sickle that wave proudly at rallies featuring him as speaker. Another of Obama’s great picks, Elizabeth Warren, claimed that  Mao Tse Tung is one of her ‘favorite’ philosophers. It’s apparently of  no concern to MS Warren that Mao murdered hundreds of thousands of Chinese by means of starvation. This ‘heroic act’ was performed by implementing the same pie-in-the-sky theories our President intends to foist on the American people! Since her obviously bizarre speech, Obama had to let her go and MS Warren is now running for Congress in the Liberal bastion of Massachusetts. In my opinion, Warren, and people like Van Jones, are motivated, not by fervent ideology, but by a thirst for power! This includes the President, who it seems, would do anything to be re-elected.

One reason for voting for Barack Obama more than once, may be the bad habit of being informed by the mainstream media. If you read the NY Times, watch CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, and CBS; or find John Stewart, Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert funny and ‘informative’ political pundits; you would believe that Obama is the greatest thing since peanut butter and Romney and Ryan want to take away our peanuts! We can’t understand the thinking of those whose voting choices would wipe out America’s economy, so we’ll have to pray that they forget to vote. Reagan, and every other great Conservative citizen, who ever lived in America, must be wearing out the inside of their coffins, as they spin in them! If we haven’t read Milton Friedman‘s books, his recent death should remind us that he was a great American, who actually understood economic prosperity! His voice will be missed, in this time of economic turmoil. If Americans had a choice eight years ago, they simply do not have a choice in 2012! The re-election of Obama would usher in an era when an America with a thriving economic future and strong voice for liberty, is all but eliminated. Since Obama has stated that Americans have too much, it could be that he definitely considers his current strategy, a ‘success’.

Touting the successes of his Administration, is one of Obama’s main themes, during his campaigning and fundraising tours-on the taxpayers’ dime. We might call Barack, ‘Freddie the Freeloader’, he is so adept at dodging the check when it’s time to pay up. In his latest speeches, Obama has bragged that he is responsible for bringing the auto industry ‘roaring back’. Earth calling Obama-General Motors, the auto company you took over, fired its CEO and robbed its shareholders, calling them ‘greedy’; and which owes the American taxpayers billions of dollars; enjoys stock market shares down 40%, since you ‘rescued’ them! Perhaps you ought to read the Wall Street Journal once in awhile. You might realize that the job you are doing is devastating the economic future of the USA! You have been announcing to your carefully ‘selected’ audiences that you will do with all of US businesses the same great job you did with the auto industry, as they shout their approval. No thanks, we’re in a double-dip recession, and we can’t afford more of your ‘successes’! Do you think that what you’re planning is an excellent way to revive our economy? Or is it because Saul Alinsky‘s radical methods of creating ‘Utopia’ are attractive to you? Experiments with creating ‘Utopias’, have been pathetic, to say the least! I think America is going to be just fine, without you!

When elected, Obama announced that he would have the most ‘transparent’ administration in history, and that he was the president of all Americans, people really hoped he would deliver on those promises. He certainly did not! In fact, anyone referring to ‘Obamacare’, is labeled ‘racist’. It is not acceptable to criticize Obama, otherwise you will be called ‘racist’, ‘haters’, ‘greedy’, and any number of unflattering names. Obama issued an Executive Order, sealing his education records, and virtually all information about his past, that was not a matter of public record. Why do you suppose he would find it necessary to hide these records from the American people?  Obama has already been overheard on an open microphone telling our Russian ‘allies’ that he will have more ‘flexibility’ after the election. Flexibility to do what?! If Obama thinks that Putin, the real strongman in Russia, loves America, he is ‘dumber than a box of rocks’! The thought of Obama as a ‘Lame Duck’ President, is enough to make the hair of every informed patriot in America, stand on end!

Hopefully Americans will ‘wake up and smell the stink’! It worries me that the politics of this nation have become incredibly polarized. As a non-affiliated Conservative, I want to see this country get back on its economic feet and return to being the exceptional nation it has been in the past. I worry that those who support Obama, have allowed demagoguery to influence their point of view, to the extent that they are not able to see the person who is really Barak Hussein Obama. It would be sad if we leave our children, grandchildren and their children, to carry the unbearable load of debt, incurred at an exponential rate, by Obama. I believe that American citizens really do want our nation to prosper and maintain liberty. It is frightening to think that so many are looking through glasses that are permanently etched with the deceptive rhetoric that seems to emerge daily from the Obama re-election campaign. We will see in November, whether the diatribes of Obama’s campaign are successful; or if the Romney/Ryan campaign is able to counter the dis-information, class warfare, race baiting, and outright lies, being fed to voters by ‘Team Obama’.

After We Dump Obama, Then What?

Biggest Spender in US History

Big Time Operater

Yes, we need to beat the tar out of Obama in November, but that isn’t the only job to be done. We need to elect those who believe in the Constitution, the vision of America‘s Founders, and those with the courage, to buck the greed of their constituencies. Politicians have a very hard time trying to convince those who have been receiving hand-outs, that they really can stand on their own two feet. Courage is a rare commodity, among the politically driven, who really want to be re-elected! We, as American Patriots need to encourage this trait in our elected officials. Because the really hard part, is to enact legislation that will put us on the right track fiscally, and not fall back into the habit of spending our descendants’ money.

How do we do this? Carefully, with great thought, and planning. We must provide mentors for the young. I don’t mean those who believe, like the radical Alinsky followers, i.e., Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama, Rahm Emmanuel, George Soros, and their leftist buddies! We’ve seen what Keynsian Economics is about, and it has proven to be more than disappointing! If we haven’t learned our lesson, over the past four years, it is unlikely that we ever will. This is certainly a challenge, but it is not more than we can meet. Our history is replete with courageous leadership, that has steered us through the mine fields of Socialist, ‘Progressive’ philosophies. We can do it again! We must succeed, or our offspring will pay, more than they can ever afford! Trillions of dollars have been pounded into the Black Hole of entitlements, that have done nothing more than generate more need! Why would we continue to do this? It doesn’t work! The definition of insanity, is repeating over and over, the things that do not work! Are we crazy? Hopefully, we will heal, and get over this ridiculous hurdle!

The system of apprenticeship, which has been fading from our society, has proven to be a fine way to develop those skilled workers, who want to work, and pay their own way. This is one valuable tool to achieve our goals of independence, and freedom from debt. We owe our children and grandchildren, every effort, to give them a chance at the American Dream, that we were provided by our forefathers. Will we be able to set aside our priorities of rewarding ourselves for doing little, or nothing, to give others a chance at economic liberty? We can, if, and only if, we are committed to doing  just that!

Obama’s administration has shown us what following the mainstream media’s misdirection can do to our nation. It has been destructive, beyond measure, and will take years to undo the enormous pile of regulatory foolishness, perpetrated by Cass Sundstein, and his busy agenda. One more term for Obama, and we can kiss the next generation goodbye, it will be all over but the shouting! We will be guilty of cowardice, self-serving, ignorance, and stupidity! I don’t want to be one of those who do this foolish thing to innocent children.

When we do show Barack Obama the door, we must slam it behind him! There is no sense in getting him out of office, only to install another fool without the common sense to have a realistic vision for America. Don’t let the ‘media’ be the ones who tell us what to do, don’t let leftists define wisdom, they have shown themselves to be amoral and undeniably ignorant! The US doesn’t have to be undermined by those who care only for their own narcissistic interests! Doing the right thing is a better choice, and one we can live with while looking ourselves in the mirror. Let’s throw off the yoke of economic tyranny, the specter of squalid poverty, and show that this nation is indeed the greatest country on the face of the earth! Our people have made it so. Let’s leave our offspring the opportunity to thrive and to make great strides in freeing the planet from economic slavery, giving all humans the freedom to thrive!

If you don’t want this, you are being deceived by the Leftist radical, racist agenda! The least you can do is become informed about the criminal thugs in the Obama Administration. People who are not informed should not vote, because they are hazardous to the American Way. Stay home, if you can’t come up off your seat and figure out where the American interests lie! This is not a suggestion, it is a necessity!