Barack Obama And Eric Holder Hide Their Criminal Fast and Furious Acts

Criminal Cover-up Fast & Furious

Criminal Covers Up Crimes

Now that the President has declared Executive Privilege, in the Fast and Furious investigation, thereby exempting Eric Holder and himself, from testifying before Congress, or releasing documents pertaining to Fast and Furious to Congressman Daryl Issa; we may never know the truth about this disaster! The investigation into the deaths of  Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry and ICE agent, Jamie Zapata, has been overshadowed by the political expediency of protecting liars in the DOJ and the White House. Obama’s spokespersons have declared that Fast and Furious was nothing more than a continuation of the Gunwalker project, a product of the Bush Administration. Of course, this is a fabrication, the Mexican Government knew and approved of Gunwalker, while in the case of Fast and Furious, Mexican officials had no idea what was going on in their country. This places the blood spilled in the United States and Mexico, directly on the hands of Holder and Obama. They are responsible for the debacle, they instituted it, in order to further ‘gun control/disarming’ of Americans; and they are covering up their malfeasance to Congress and the American people. It’s more than likely that Mexican government officials have been bribed and threatened into helping with the cover-up and that money has been flowing to those who participate in obfuscating the truth. Recently, information has been released from the Obama Administration indicating that only five agents are culpable in the scandal. The agents are obviously scapegoats, and will be held up as the only ones responsible for this terrible crime.

At any other time in history, an American President, and his Attorney General, would be subject to impeachment and criminal prosecution, for these unconscionable acts. In this matter, because of the efforts of mainstream ‘news’ reporters, this administration has literally, gotten away with murder, as well as an unknown number of criminal acts. Holder has sat before Congress, and lied with a straight face, about what he knew and when he knew about it! He has been aided and abetted, by Obama’s political henchmen, and those who take an exception to their tactics, are harassed, in any way possible, from IRS investigations, to having the FBI delve into their affairs, private and public. This is not the American way, but that doesn’t seem to matter to the Obama Administration. They are able to freely get away with lying, engaging in the tactics of thugs, and covering up evidence! Without conscience, Obama’s media ‘harlots’ have made it easy for these crimes to be hidden from US citizens, as they continue to ignore and ridicule reports of the the same evidence that would lead to relentless hounding of a Conservative administration.

Common sense should tell Americans that there is no way that Fast and Furious could be conducted without the permission and knowledge of officials with the highest standing in the Administration. We may not be able to prove that this has happened, but anyone with discernment, could surmise that these acts had to be perpetrated by the Department of Justice, its deputies, leadership, and finally, the President of the United States!

Will any of Obama’s people have the courage to reveal the truth about this matter? I doubt it very much. The stakes are too high, and Obama is notorious, for paying back those who betray him, with interest. That this President should be impeached, is indisputable, but for reasons, which can only be speculated on, there doesn’t seem to be the will to do so. If we ever find out the truth of this travesty, it will be after November’s Presidential Election. In the meantime, Obama and his campaign ‘Team Obama’ continue to lie and manipulate America’s citizens. If American voters are at all informed and aware of the ramifications of the President’s campaign speeches; they should be ready to vote ‘anybody but Obama’! Even a blind dog with a note, would be preferable, in my opinion!


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